Skin of a goddess



Caitríona Breathnach and Emer Halpenny’s friendship goes back to the early eighties, those dark pre hair straightener days, when as school girls they shared a knowledge of secret corridors and a common dislike of the particular green hue of their uniform. Fast forward over the years as Caitríona left Ireland for the exotic shores of Fire Island, where she put her business degree to good use and found herself a handsome American husband, while Emer stayed put, embarked on a career teaching drama and chasing down her demanding actor husband. Caitríona returned to Ireland and the two resumed their relationship, both now blessed with children and busy lives. Like all mothers, Caitríona worried about the unnecessary chemicals in the everyday things her children used; things as basic as soap and bubble bath, and she set about learning how to provide a better alternative. The result was beautiful: cold processed soap, handmade balms and moisturisers, all of it safe, natural and what’s more – actually good for skin. By this time, Emer had learned to accept the colour green, and indeed developed a love of foraging and herbal medicine, so she quickly became a fan. Not only did the soap moisturise, but it improved her psoriasis; cursed with sensitive skin, she was relieved to find a moisturiser that she didn’t have an adverse reaction to, and both women realized very quickly that the balms were magnificent – here was something that transformed not just the way skin felt, but changed how a woman saw herself. Through her drama school, Emer had been helping people develop confidence in themselves for twenty five years, yet here was a magic elixir that quite simply made her feel beautiful overnight. Together they founded ANU and have been enjoying the opportunity to share these wonders with as many people as possible. Like the goddess Anu, earth mother of the Celts, they hope to bring health, renewal and the secrets of inner beauty to the world.

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