Tongue in cheek, urban decadent design

Niki Collier


Niki Collier designs and makes capsule fashion collections and a range of luxury lights and home decorations. In her work handmade felt is the ultimate answer and the constantly present medium.

Her tongue in cheek designs are often described as urban decadence by her clients and fans.

Niki works with natural materials: wool, leather and silk and incorporates smart technology in her one off art pieces. She lives in Dublin and her stories are inspired by the city and by city folk.

The current collection Alice in the City is a homage to makers in the city and embodies a range of materials: leather, knitted textiles, and skills: tailoring, laser cut textiles, and e-textile components.

The contemporary fashion collections are sought after for their strong tailoring and flawless execution.

Visit her awesome website and learn more about Niki!