Handmade jewellery with a touch of art deco luxury

Rachel Swan Goldsmith


Rachel is an award winning goldsmith based in Dublin.

I have been working in the jewellery trade and on my own jewellery brand for over 10 years. All my jewellery is created by my own hands, in my Dublin studio, using traditional techniques and using gold, diamonds and pearls.

Inspiration for every collection is taken from architecture, sculpture and simple repeated patterns and each piece of handcrafted jewellery has a touch of art deco luxury.

Each piece of handmade gold and pearl jewellery is available exclusively in the online shop.

I'm passionate not just about jewellery, but customer service too. So if there's anything you would like to know, please feel free to send me a message here.

Want to see how my work is made? You can watch what I do in the video below...

Visit her awesome website and learn more about Rachel!