Reiki treatments in a cosy Hub space in Marlay Park

The Healing Hub


What is ‘Reiki’?
Pronounced ‘Ray Kee’ - ‘Rei’ is often translated as ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’; it is sacred, the Divine - the Higher Intelligence that guides us. Call it what you will - Universe / God / Source (for every name is just a label)
‘Ki’ is life-force energy; that which runs through every living and inanimate thing - what you may have heard of as ‘Chi’

REIKI is safe and gentle; it is a non intrusive, hand on healing. During a Reiki healing, you will lie on a plinth, cosy and relaxed, while your practitioner uses spiritual energy to treat you - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is entirely holistic; it goes where it needs to go and heals you in a multitude of beautiful ways.
Treatments : one hour.
Talk to us about our introductory offer. Normal price €60.

Treatments by appointment only - please email
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The Healing Hub is upstairs in Unit 18, The Courtyard Studios and Shops, Marlay Park
You can also enquire from Emer in the ANU/Healing Creations Shop downstairs in Unit 18.

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